Pictured, Mr & Mrs Wilson recently travelling Australia had a pleasurable experience at Cobar, NSW.

Gordon Wilson and his wife were recently on their way home to the Central Coast after a brilliant holiday in Central Outback Australia. As they were leaving Cobar on Saturday morning they had a mechanical light appear on their dashboard, after returning to Cobar and asking the local service station, then the local motel then Auto parts “I was directed to Jemrok”.

“This is when my positive experience started and continued, without going to the actual detail the result was that I had cracks to my manifold and a turbo showing wear” Gordon said.

“Firstly, I would like to thank Jemrok for operating over the weekend which serviced several locals and passing tourists. Secondly many thanks to Mitch the Workshop Supervisor and Chris, one of Jemrok’s Light Vehicle Mechanic’s which treated us with superb service”.

“I applaud Mitch and Chris on their services, it is so hard to explain the comforts they provided”