Jemrok Pty Ltd (Jemrok) were engaged by Tyre Recycle Tasmania (TRT) to remediate 1000 m3 of contaminated and co-mingled soil.

The soil was located on a private farm at Carrick and the contaminated soil was mixed with partially burnt tyres, tyre steel and tyre rims.

The 1000 m3 of waste was separated and transported in 3 weeks in March 2016.

Jemrok’s role was to:

-Remediate the soil into soil, tyres and steel;
-Separate the three waste types using a 20t cat excavator with skelton bucket (40 mm aperture) and mud bucket, 12 t telescopic telehandler with mud bucket and fork attachments;
-Load and transport the three waste types of site to a new storage location;
-Stockpile each waste type at the new storage location;
-Remediate the former storage location to the land owners requirements;

Jemrok developed and implemented health and safety provisions to limit workers exposure to the contaminated soils, including wash down areas and hygiene stations.

The land owner acknowledged Jemrok’s ability to undertake the work efficiently and in a timely manner, maintain a tidy worksite, while accommodating existing farming operations and a change of farm ownership.