Jemrok Pty Ltd (Jemrok) were engaged by pitt&sherry and Air Services Australia to remediate 1500 tonnes of soil containing concrete, gravel and plastic contaminated with Aqueous Fim Forming Foams (AFFF ).

The material was sourced from a major project in Launceston. The material was buried in two stages over 6 weeks. The project required Jemork to excavate in decomposing waste at Launceston Waste Centre.

Jemrok’s role was to:

-Excavate two trenches, each trench 27 m long, 10 m surface with with 2:1 sloping sides and 2.5 m base width and 2.5 m deep trenches;

– Remediate the material using RemBind, including continuous mechanical mixing, and applying water until the required mixing consistency had been achieved and soil would achieve laboratory leaching analysis;

– Line the trench walls and base with RemBind using 20 t cat excavator and knuckle;

-Place the 1500 tonnes of RemBind Mixed soil into the lined trench in a controlled manner;

– Cover the trench with RemBind and finish the surface to match the surrounding landfill;

Jemrok developed and implemented health and safety provisions to manage working in decomposing waste, handling RemBind and contaminated soil and working on an active landfill face.

Air Services Australia congratulated Jemrok on their efficiency, safety and productivity in a difficult environment, working with challenging waste types and complying with strict environmental approval conditions.