Jemrok helps to overcome challenging ground conditions for effective project delivery by using a combination of traditional excavation techniques and underground mining equipment to deliver water for expanding residential areas of North Perth.
The scope was to connect an existing high pressure DN100 PVC pipeline at Devon Hills to the existing lower pressure DN150 PVC/AC infrastructure in the northern areas of Perth, TAS.
The challenge was to overcome the trying topographic variation and extremely hard Jurassic Dolerite as well as being in the midst of Tasmania’s winter.
With its trademark approach to innovative solutions, Jemrok was able to work with all the project stakeholders in overcoming the challenging project delivery timetable.
Jemrok, in a likely Tasmanian first, employed to use our own Atlas Copco L2C jumbo drill rig to pre-drill the required trench line to allow for rock breaking of the fresh Jurassic Dolerite without the need for expensive and potentially structurally damaging explosives.
The benefits to the project were multiple with excavation of trench being completed significantly quicker where pre-drill, less disruption to residents and livestock without blasting and limiting the potential for over-breaking and over excavation with less controlled depth/width blasting activities.
Additionally, longer length pipe, 20m compared to 6m PVC, was used to drastically cut down the number of joints required. This was critical in assisting the delivery of the project on schedule, particularly during a typically dark, cold and very foggy southern winter. Ideal conditions for welding PE pipe are dry and free of wind.
The superior physical properties of PE compared to other more traditional pipe materials allowed for safer construction on the undulating and rocky terrain along the pipeline route, reducing safety, health and environmental risk for construction crews, nearby farmers and residents alike

PROJECT Devon Hills to North Perth Water Main
YEAR 2015
DN 180 PN 12.5 LENGTH 1.4km

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